AngularJS and Ruby on Rails work together

Finding the best integration of AngularJS and Ruby on Rails

Recently I got really excited with AngularJS so to make it work perfectly with Ruby on Rails there are some configurations needed. There are available blog posts on how to integrate it perfectly but somehow I wasn’t happy with the available preferences. Some offered to add the javascript files manually to the project and to manual project organization, others offered some kind of gem packager or even automated as a rails app template.

My goal is to describe how to start new rails app project from the scratch but the instructions should be succinct enough to be able to reuse them for the existing project (Actually I did extract it from the existing application I am working on). For the front end development I recently discovered great gem that really can make it more closer to pure full stack javascript development.
Bower is a great javascript package manager by the people who are working on Twitter Boostrap. It is like Bundler but made for javascript instead of ruby language. When I found out that there is a ruby gem that is integrated with rake tasks so I can easily update all javascript libraries without needing adding gem library for each one. The gem is called bower-rails.

My initial plan is to evolve this post into a series of blog posts on how to develop a fully functional demo application so I’ve included some steps that are might not needed but are good to have. Don’t worry I will provide explanation why I am using each of them.
Here is my plan what I will try to achieve with this series of posts:

  • creating a new demo project with angularJS from scratch, showing all my changes along the way, and trying to explain every step. this will include creating basic rails 4 app
  • adding basic gems
  • setup front end development with Bower
  • adding angularJS
  • implementing basic Rails and AngularJS controllers

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Four Questions About Leadership

I hear four questions asked about leadership often. This article gives a short answer to each of these important questions.

Why Does Leadership Matter?

Parents universally hope that their children develop leadership qualities. They know that leaders are people who are effective in what they do, are respected by others, and typically rewarded for those skills in a variety of ways. It is in these formative years that, through our parents, we first see leadership as desirable and important.

As young people we look up to people around us that motivate and listen to us people that seem like real-life heroes. We consider these people leaders.

As we grow we begin to relate leaders to their jobs and ministers, teachers, police officers. And later Mayors, Presidents, and CEO’s…

As adults all of these thoughts and experiences define why we think leaders have desirable traits and play roles we admire (and why we desire these things for our children).

All of these experiences and thoughts help us define why leadership matters and it matters because leaders make a difference and can shape the future. It matters because leaders are valued and valuable. In everyone’s mind leadership, especially when it is good, matters. Continue reading


I aim to become the president of my country. I have the object of becoming the greatest scientist. I will one day be the richest person in the world. I aim to and so goes the list of ambitions of people. Nobody remembers that the final goal for each one of us is going back to earth. Let us talk more about ambitions.

Are ambitions good or bad? This is difficult to answer, isn’t it? To be an ambitious person must be very good. With ambitions a person strives to achieve a great feat. Few of us have very big ambitions and few very small. It all depends on our contentment. What will make us feel happy? What will make us feel worthy, and what will make us feel powerful? It’s all about what we want from life. If you want money at any cost, you will compromise with all other values and try to make more money. But if your ambition is to become an honest person and live a God fearing life, no amount of money can attract you to do any wrongs.

Ambitions therefore depend upon our character, culture, mental makeup, outlook, values and so on. Till our ambitions don’t trouble others it is ok. If by achieving our goals, we make others happy, that is still better. But if our ambitions hurt others, we must revisit our thinking and redefine our ambitions.

How to be success

You may be smart, you may be talented, you may be handsome, but you aren’t successful. After all, the guy that never was that gifted or never had great ideas and he has less brains than you, is now your supervisor!

How did that happen? Why do all of us with the knack to be great, never saw our dreams come true? And what is the common characteristic between successful people?

According to statistical researches, what divides successful people from non-successful is that the former had a particular goal in their life and worked hard to achieve it. On the contrary, people that had many goals and ideas, but spent more time talking about them than working on them, never managed to make their dreams come true. Continue reading