Stop procrastinating! How to prevent it.

Still trying to stop procrastinating?

stop procrastinating

There are probably numerous days that you site behind the computer to do some research or get some work done and doing a short break to read some news or check social updates and as you done this you aren’t aware that time passes as you jump from one link to another while the time is passing by rapidly. You have probably tried many things, like avoiding to use those sites, setting time aside for short breaks or some other solution but every time you spend more time doing nothing than to spend that time into something productive.

My way of curbing procrastination time to minimum

You probably procrastinate as everyone but you don’t do it so efficiently, there are many ways to curb this behavior especially with avoiding reading the news updates all the time. We live in an era of information overload and we developed a habit of a need to be constantly updated with latest updates.

I am using few tools which are completely free of cost for basic usage you will need to prevent procrastination. Here is how I do it:

I have installed self control app on my computer and you can get it at this link. It is free of cost. Basically what it does is that you add a list of web sites that you want to block for a selected period of time.

You are probably wondering now which pages should I add to this blacklist. Well the obvious sites should be the social networks. Most of the links we click to other sites are coming from there to funny videos or interesting stories. There are ton of these sites, but major one should be Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Though have in mind if you develop for social network logins you have to keep alert to remove them for that period otherwise you can do no related work to it for that day. Other useful list of sites that need to be blacklisted are on your history list in your favorite browser. Go through the history and check all the sites that shouldn’t be there during your work hours and add them to the list.

Next step is to add time inside self control for how long it should be blocked. First advice never do mistake and set it over 24 hours. Perfect time to set the limits is 10-12 hours. You would probably say I don’t work so many hours and I agree you mustn’t but from the time you set the time and all other chores you need to do during the day believe me that is the most optimal time especially if you are working for yourself or being in a startup environment. It is dynamic over the day so keep on tracking your time that way.

So next step is to activate the self control and you magically stop procrastinating. Wrong. Keep on reading.

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