AngularJS ngInclude directive and scope inheritance

ngInclude directive and scope There are many times when you want to include a html snippet code from another file but preserve the scope of it. It is usually when you have different form fields for the various objects and you want to have a global controller that oversees the updating of different forms. So if you want […]... Read More
record iOS device screen

How to record iPhone screen

To record iPhone screen has never been easier Developing great new iOS application requires not just a usable application, but also a great video presentation of it. How it works, basic usability tricks to make users want to get your new application which you spent numerous hours to make it perfect. If you are working […]... Read More
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AngularJS and Ruby on Rails work together

Finding the best integration of AngularJS and Ruby on Rails Recently I got really excited with AngularJS so to make it work perfectly with Ruby on Rails there are some configurations needed. There are available blog posts on how to integrate it perfectly but somehow I wasn’t happy with the available preferences. Some offered to […]... Read More

Working OAuth2 with Foursquare on Sinatra

require 'rubygems' require 'sinatra' require 'oauth2' require 'json' require 'net/https' require 'foursquare2' set :port, 80 CLIENT_ID = '****************************************************' CLIENT_SECRET = '****************************************************' CALLBACK_PATH = '/callbacks/foursquare' def client, CLIENT_SECRET, {:site => '', :token_url => "/oauth2/access_token", :authorize_url => "/oauth2/authenticate?response_type=code", :parse_json => true, :ssl => {:ca_path => '/etc/ssl/certs' } }) end def redirect_uri() uri = URI.parse(request.url) uri.path = […]... Read More