How to record iPhone screen

To record iPhone screen has never been easier

Developing great new iOS application requires not just a usable application, but also a great video presentation of it. How it works, basic usability tricks to make users want to get your new application which you spent numerous hours to make it perfect.

If you are working alone on next big thing or inside a small agency or team and you probably have a limited budget to outsource your video production one of the hardest parts was shooting the actual content from iOS device, whether it is iPhone or iPad. Until now you could use some kind of recording of iOS simulator or using airplay method to sync the video. It worked but it was somehow clunky experience and you needed to buy extra software.

With the release of Mac OS Yosemite version everything has changed. Now you can record you iOS device screen directly without buying additional software whatsoever. All you need to have the computer upgraded to Yosemite version and an iPhone or iPad to latest iOS 8. iOS device needs to connect to your computer through lighting cable.


Here are the steps you need to do:

  • Launch Quicktime Player
  • Select File > New Movie Recording (you can use the keyboard shortcut Option-Command-N)
  • As you can see this launches new window and by default it activates your built-in iSight camera, but before we go to next step make sure your iOS device is plugged into the computer so it will be visible in the next step
  • From the screenshot you can see that switching to record iOS device requires to select the video input from input source dropdown menu near the record button.

    record iOS device screen
    easily record iOS screen from your computer without any external software
  • As you can see I have selected my iPhone as source and immediately you should see the screen mirroring on your computer

Even though you are getting the live view of the iOS device screen the preview is not always perfecrtly synched on the window you are seeing, but don’t worry this is just on the window, the video that is being recorded will come out great without any delays you see it on the screen, thus it is perfect to use for presentation videos but it is not meant to be used for mirroring screen for other uses such as playing games on your computer form iPhone or using it to present the screen for larger audience, this is still what I recommend to use some kind of airplay transmission.

Here you have it. To record iPhone screen has never been easier with latest software update.

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