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Hello everyone.

My name is Ivan Turkovic and I am a geek, visionary, startup enthusiast, occasional tech blogger and writer, software developer & entrepreneur and most of all a salesman.

 I am simply uninterested in mediocrity. I don’t settle for average. People say I have a mind that is always running–I’m just that guy who’s guilty of staying up all night thinking about how I can be truly exceptional at what I do. You might call this a truly positive or competitive spirit, but I call it passion.

Besides creating innovative new service I can offer Technology and Business Development Consultancy on various projects. I can help you make things like web and mobile applications, business models and companies.

I was educated in Slovenia and Sweden and currently travelling round the world. I speak 4+ languages and firmly believes that the real education takes place outside the university halls. Working for companies and startups gave me a lot of experience to run my own business which have given me a greater insight of the world and its inhabitants. I traveled to over 30 countries and turned each one of his trips into a learning opportunity. Social experiences from across the globe have significantly contributed to my work. Some of my plans for future includes traveling to 25 new countries and creating next great venture along the way.

My personal goal is to become a powerful entrepreneur so I can help others like me, to start their own business and commit on executing their dreams.

Most of the time  I am working in following things:

– interactive web applications (single page applications)
– secure enterprise applications
– mobile web applications
– native iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Apple Watch) applications
– native Android applications
– big data analytics
– blackberry applications
– customer development
– life coaching sessions
– business analysis
– business development
– project and product management
– social media marketing
– software architecture
– Facebook applications

business skills: customer development, biz dev, product development, social marketing, project management, scrum, agile

technical skills: application development for web (ruby on rails, javascript, haml, sass, css, twitter bootstrap, backbone.js, angular.js, ember.js, todomvc, spine.js, d3, facebook react, jquery, sinatra, less, bdd, spec, cucumber, unit testing, tdd), mobile devices (objective-c, swift, iPhone, iPad, android, blackberry), big data (hbase, hadoop, elastic search, opentsdb), database servers (mysql, sqlite, postgresql, sql server, mongodb, couchdb, memcached, cassandra, redis)

other skills: C++, Scala, AI, financial tools, product design, UX and UI design

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