Kindle still rules the ebook world

First time when i saw kindle being presented I was thrilled, because i read a lot of books. I saw a future in electronic books. That was 2 years ago and I wasn’t wrong. Nowadays Amazon sells more ebooks than paper print books.

So last year when they introduced third generation of Kindle, I’ve jumped on the kindle wagon. I’ve bought wifi only version which came quite cheap. I never imagined that kindle would replace all paper books. Actually since owning kindle there was only one book I’ve bought and that is Four steps to epiphany. The only reason I’ve bought it is that is not available in digital form.

Does this mean kindle replaced all paper based books for me? Well yes and no. There is still one thing that kindle cannot be used and that are pdfs, even it supports them they are unusable on it. Zooming functionality is not quite there.

Only competitor To kindle wasn’t other ebook readers but Apple iPad. I was quite known to it, even tried it few times, but it was obvious that it is unusable in direct sun light. But still I was wondering if I would be able to use it for reading books. So last month I’ve finally needed to buy iPad, because i was doing some applications for it. So I also tried to use it as a ebook reader, because it also has kindle app so it means all books i’ve bought before i could them read on it also. My final decision is that it didn’t came to my expectations as a ebook reader. Only part it did excel were pdfs technical stuff which I wasn’t able to read on kindle.

So to write a conslusion. I will use both devices as a reading utility but kindle will still be my main device for reading. No other digital device can beat reading in direct sun light. But main differentiator is that kindle still feels like something natural it doesn’t have exclusive electronic device feeling. It feels like something coming from analog age. I even don’t have a feeling I need to take care of it because it feels as rugged device. From mine point of view I can easily say that kindle has a bright future as a reading device and I hope they will continue and not to become yet another android clone as Nook did.

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